Yala National Park Entrance Fees for Foreigners and Local Residents.

What is a Park Entrance Ticket for Yala National Park?

In simple, Park Entrance Ticket is a fee charged by the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) for each time guests enter the National Park on a Safari. Ticket is issued in total per Jeep based on the Number of Foreign and Local Adults and Children.

Anyone over the age of 12 is considered an adult while children between the age of 6-12 are charged a child rate. Children below 6 are considered Free of Charge by the DWC.

How much is a Park Entrance ticket to Yala National Park for a Foreigner?

Since the recent revision to the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance (Chapter 469)  by Gazette Extraordinary No. 2292/11 – on 8th August, 2022;

A Foreign Adult is charged USD 25 and additionally other statutory charges.

A Ticket is issued per Jeep for the total number of Guests. Generally,  a Group (Jeep) of 2 Foreign Adults is charged approximately USD 71 in total.

The average Yala national park entrance fee per foreign adult is between USD 31-36 (LKR equivalent) depending on the number of PAX in a Jeep (2-6) after all the taxes and other statutory charges.

Please refer to our Park Entrance Ticket Calculator below for the detailed cost of a ticket based on the number of guests.

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Yala National Park Entrance Fees for Foreigners

For the guest convenience we have prepared below total costs for most common combinations of guests on safaris. However please feel free to use our Ticket Cost Calculator to retrieve the dynamic calculation for any combination of guests.
No of Foreign Adults No of Foreign Children Total Ticket Cost (USD)
1 $ 43
2 $ 71
3 $ 100
4 $ 129
5 $ 158
6 $ 186
1 1 $ 60
1 2 $ 77
2 1 $ 89
2 2 $ 106
2 3 $ 123
3 1 $ 117
3 2 $ 135
3 3 $ 152
4 1 $ 146
4 2 $ 163