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Sri Lanka

The Best Wildlife & Safari Destination out of Africa

First of all Congratulations and Thank you for considering Sri Lanka and Camp Leopard for your Safari Adventure.

Chances are you are still doing your research or already decided what you want to do and where you want to cover on your tour in Sri Lanka.

If you want some useful tips, health, travel requirements, and other important information including visas please check the Sri Lanka Tourism official website.

Sri Lanka is recognized as a must-visit bucket list destination and it has an amazing diversity in climate, food, flora and fauna, beaches, sceneries, history & culture, and more than anything friendliest people.

We recommend you to read some very interesting articles on Lonely Planet about Sri Lanka and how it listed Sri Lanka as the Number 1 Travel Destination in the World in 2019. But due to the covid-19 world pandemic, the tourism industry in the country had been hanging by its thread and finally picking up now from 2022.

Sri Lanka is believed to be the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to See a Leopard in the wild considering the high density of Leopard population in the Greater Yala Complex. Yes, that’s even outsung Africa considering the probability of seeing a leopard in the wild is almost guaranteed if you do 2 or more safari drives in the Greater Yala Complex.

However this does not mean that we are Leopard whisperers or we can promise you a leopard sighting; simply, if you wanna see a leopard guaranteed, the best place to go is the Zoo, not a national park!

The Greater Yala Complex Used to be a civilized kingdom 2000 odd years ago, and additionally historic and prehistoric archeological evidence dating back to more than 4000 years ago.

Now it has become a kingdom for wildlife where the Sri Lankan Leopard has become the king of the jungles in Yala as the apex predator. GYC is home to more than 200 different resident bird species and much more with migrant birds during the winter season.

When it comes to significant big animals there are more than 40 different types of mammals living in Yala. The terrestrial big 5 of Yala consist of Leopards, Elephants, Bears (yes you heard it right, we do have a decent population of sloth bears, the kind that you find in the Disney cartoon, Jungle Book as Baloo the bear), True Wild Water Buffalos and Salt Water Crocodiles.

Yala is also believed to be the High density of Mugger Crocodiles in Asia.

The Greater Yala Complex

Yala - Kumana - Lunugamvehera National Parks

Our Packages

Tours & Itineraries

We have specifically designed a signature 2-night itinerary to Explore Yala based on the popular demand covering multiples gates and sectors of the National Park however away from the crowds and with emphasis on the experience and different types of wildlife sightings. 

Also, we are introducing a brand new Mobile Tented Safari INSIDE Yala East from 2 Nights onwards where we setup up south African tents inside the national park, on-demand to provide you the most undisturbed and Authentic and Best Sri Lankan Safari Experience you could possibly get.

Additionally, we do bespoke safaris with tailor-made itineraries in Yala, Kumana, Bundala, Udawalawe, Lunugamvehera, and even Wilapttu National Parks on request.

You can view, compare and book our range of Tour itineraries and Packages that best fit your budget, duration, and expectations.

All our tours are hosted by the award-winning team of Camp Leopard Rangers and all tours include Full Board Accommodation, Guided Safaris, Snacks/Beverages & Mineral Water and unless otherwise specified, Park Entrance Tickets for Safaris.
In addition, some tours may even include hikes, explorations, archeological and historic site visits inside the park, and even complimentary bottles of wine or beer.

Based on the tour and upgrades you choose, your accommodation will be in Luxury Glamping Tents Permanatly Setup in the buffer zone of the national park which some come with their own private plunge pool and private treetop decks or a Mobile South African Safari Tents set up inside the national park particularly for your tour.

Booking Process

How it works

Please browse thru our rates and packages to find the tours best suit your need and submit the booking with all the relevant details required.

We have made the process very simple and easy for your better comprehension and automation of the ‘boring back-office work’ that we prefer to minimize in our lives in the wild. 🙂

You would NOT NEED TO PAY at the time of booking. Once the booking is submitted our team will get in touch with you with further details, confirmation and payment instructions.

Not Sure How to Book? No Problem, WhatsApp us or Contact Us.

Learn more about the Booking Process in Detail

Best Time To Visit

Greater Yala Complex is always exciting throughout the year.
But if you ask what are the 'Bestest' months to visit Yala, we would say May-June


Climate ☁/☼ ☁/☼ ☼/☁ ☼/☁
H: High / M: Medium / L: Low
It is always recommended to avoid Weekends and Holidays when visiting Block 1 of Yala
Block 1&2 of Yala may undergo 30-60 days closure due to severity of seasonal droughts during the months of Sept/Oct
Yala Block 1-5 H H H M L L M M L* L* M H
Yala East Kumana M L L L L L M M L L L M
Animal Sightings
Leopards ++ ++ ++ ++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ ++ ++ ++
Bears + + + + ++ ++ ++ ++ + + + +
Elephants +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Crocodiles +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Wild Water Buffalo +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Bird Watching ++++ ++++ ++++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ ++++ ++++

Learn more about Best Times to Visit the Greater Yala Complex

Getting There

Transfers & transit times

Yala National Park Meeting Point

Transfers by road

  • Ella – 2.5hrs
  • Arugambay – 3.5hrs
  • Colombo/Negombo/Katunayaka(Airport) – 3-4hrs
  • Mirissa/Weligama/Matara – 1.5-2hrs
  • Tangalle/Dickwella – 1hr
  • Kandy/Nuwalaeliaya – 5-6hrs
  • Anuradhapura/Sigiriya/Polonnaruwa – 6-7hrs

Transfers by Air can be arranged by AirTaxi Shuttles to Weerawila Airport or Private Helicopter Charter to a Helipad just 10-15mins from our camps on request

Yala East – Kumana National Park Meeting Point

Transfers by road

  • Ella – 3hrs
  • Arugambay – 30Mins-1hr
  • Colombo/Negombo/Katunayaka(Airport) – 6-7hrs
  • Mirissa/Weligama/Matara – 4-5hrs
  • Tangalle/Dickwella – 4hrs
  • Kandy/Nuwalaeliaya – 5-6hrs
  • Anuradhapura/Sigiriya/Polonnaruwa – 5-7hrs

Transfers by Air can be arranged by AirTaxi Shuttles to Ampara Airport (about 1.5hrs from the Park Gate) or Private Helicopter Charter to a Helipad just 20mins from the park gate.

We are happy to assist if you need your transfers arranged!

Park Entrance Tickets

All Safaris would need to purchase park entrance tickets on each entry if you are staying outside the national park and for tours with mobile tents inside the park, entrance tickets are covered in the permit at the reservation of the campsite per night basis. 

Entrance fees are paid to the Department of Wildlife Conservation. These fees are included in the package unless otherwise specified.

Meeting Points

We have pre-designated meeting points for each Camp based on where you are coming from or going to at the end of the tour. 

Each Meeting point is informed to the guests at the time of booking along with your host/rangers contact details. If guests are shuttled by a taxi or chauffeur, please note that chauffeurs are not accommodated at the camps.

Estimated arrival time to meeting point is required to be informed to us prior to arrival.

Pre Planning

Any specific guest requirements should be informed at the time of reservation including specific dietary requirements.

Camp staff may not be able to accommodate special requests on site unless previously informed due to the nature of the operation and remoteness of our camps.

For medical emergencies, we have access to hospitals and doctors, but your personal medical supplies are required to be brought along with you

Contact Us

WhatsApp: +94 76 315 2316
Call/Text: +94 77 735 8881
Mail: [email protected]

Camp Leopard – Yala
Katagamuwa Road, PO Box 01, 
Kataragama 91400 Sri Lanka.

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