Our Story

Come as a Guest, Leave as a Friend!

We have been curating unforgettable memories and conducting sustainable guided safaris since 2016.


Camp Leopard is like a homestay in the jungle…

Hosted by Marc & The Team, who wants to share the experiences they fell in love with while growing up with the bush in this tropical paradise of Sri Lanka

Revamping in 2022

With the Covid-19 world pandemic, Camp Leopard took a huge toll yet prioritized protecting the livelihood of our team. By the end of 2021 after being dormant for a while during the pandemic and lockdowns, our base Camp in Katagamuwa was closed for a way-past-due major renovation to ensure that we deliver the guests on top of the sri lanka’s best sustainable Safari operation by summer 2022.

How we started

Camp Leopard was founded in 2016 with the goal to design a sustainable safari operation where the animals are not chased, but rather tracked while ensuring the creature comforts of the guests during their accommodation and maintaining an affordable price range with premium-level Sri Lankan safari guides.


Abandoned property in the buffer zone around the secluded sectors of Yala was developed into what it is known today as Camp Leopard by utilizing existing structures without adding artificial materials to the land of animals. We made sure that anything we added to the property can be eventually bio-degraded or removed so that the land can be taken over by the nature. A team of like-minded individuals who had always been the pillars of this organization.


A business that was started from scratch as a small startup became the No 1 property in its category on TripAdvisor within the completion of its first year of operation simply based on customer-oriented operation and the true passion of the team and many other global and local awards and recognitions achieved throughout.

Marc Explaning Camp Leopard Post Covid-19 Safety Measures (June 2020)


Ops Team on Site

Come as a guest and Leave as a Friend

Meet the Team

Marc Pramudith Thenabadu

Founder & Head Ranger

Chathu Norbert

Operations Executive - Ops Team Lead

Ishara Madushanka

Operations Assistant

John Wilson

Private Safari Ranger

Shermal Wijeratne

Private Safari Ranger

Marlon Buultjens

Private Safari Ranger

Sajith (Kajja)

Safari Driver


Driver/Logistics Assistant


Safari Driver

Camp Leopard Ethos

Simply a team of passionate & experienced, Professional Private Safari Rangers and Environmental Science Specialists who have chosen this career for the love of the jungle.

It’s simply a lifestyle, Not a Job.

When you are with Camp Leopard, You are Guaranteed to be hosted and guided by a Sri Lankan team of passionate, professional,  experts who are more focused on sustainability and have been handpicked by Marc, the founder himself.

The Guides

From the founder, Marc himself to all our private safari rangers are handpicked professionals, experienced, well knowledgeable and are definitely the best at what they do. These safari guides are not doing a job, it’s their lifestyle, a profession chosen out of passion. Indeed experts at what they do with knowledge, experience, safety, and guest relation skills, not to mention adventurous and FUN.

You will have plenty of time to get to know them on your safari rather than making an introduction here.

The Drivers

As a social responsibility and a community sustainability policy we source our safari jeeps from a couple of vendors from the local community. So our expert drivers are automatically from the local community and trained and guided for professional and ethical safaris to add value to their unique skill of Safari driving.


The 4 Legged Team

Camp Leopard has a small side project where stray dogs in strict medical needs are medicated and often fostered till a permanent home is found. We currently have 4 rescues named Dobby, Rexy, BP, Cookie, along with their alpha, the camp leopard mascot, Booboo the German Shepherd.

All Camp Dogs are vaccinated and very friendly.

Dogs not only are a friendly attraction to the Camp but also keep a look out for wild animals getting in our way while we share the land with animals ranging from giant elephants to tiny creepy crawlers.

Camp Leopard experience won’t be completed without being photobombed by booboo or if you don’t play fetch with him.

We are not only animal lovers, but also the country’s only pet-friendly safari camp.

Booboo the Camp Mascot. You have not stayed at Camp Leopard if you haven't been photobombed by Booboo or Played Fetch with him!

Ready to Expreience Yala with Our Team?

Day Tour

Guided Private Safaris

3-4 Hours
Yala National Park Block 1
Starting from$ 95Per Adult
Luxury Safari Tour

“Lux Wild” Safari Tour – Camp Leopard X Grand Tamarind Lake

1 to 2 Nights
Grand Tamarind Lake - Kataraama
Yala National Park Block 1,3 & 5
Starting from$ 229$ 149Per Adult
Best Seller

Explore Yala – Safari Glamping

1 to 2 Nights
Camp Leopard - Kataragama
Yala National Park Block 1 & 5
Starting from$ 229$ 178Per Adult