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Camp Leopard Sustainable Safari Tours in Yala and service excellence
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Why Camp Leopard?

For Yala National Park Safari

We are a small Safari Camp renowned for our best practices in Sustainable Safari operations and service excellence, AC Glamping Tents with creature comforts, and experience-oriented exclusive tours. All our tours are carried our with a minium footprint on nature, sustainably, professionally and ethically.


Our tours are curated to cater any traveller’s budget and time frame from young backpackers to groups and families with children visiting Yala National Park, Sri Lanka.


We also happen to have an almost 99.9% success rate in leopard sighting on multi-day tours across different blocks  (sectors) of Yala, off the beaten track, since 2016.


However, we CANNOT GUARANTEE any leopard sightings as these are wild animal tracking tours into national parks, not zoological gardens. If you want to see a leopard guaranteed, the best is to visit a Zoo. 🙂

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Camp Leopard 5 Star Features

It’s Rustic and Homely, yet Professional and Sustainable.
Truly an Authentic Sri Lankan Safari Glamping Experience with the Best Private Safari Rangers on the Island.

Professional & Sustainable Guided Safaris

Guided Yala Jeep Safaris with the island’s top, professional, ethical/sustainable, and experienced safari guides (Private safari rangers)

Elevated Air Conditioned Tents

Semi-permanent structures yet without compromising the guest creature comforts and safety

Ensuite Bathrooms & Toilets

Tents are attached to permanent structured ensuite tiled bathrooms with running hot and cold water.

Located away from the Crowds

Access to off-the-beaten track, less crowded entrance gates of Yala for different blocks; Katagamuwa (B-1), Galge (B-3), Weheragala (B-5), and Dambakote (B-4).

Excellent English Communication

Our Team speaks excellent English. Making it an exciting and effortless experience in planning and take part in tours. Get in touch with us on WhatsApp

Feels like Homestay in the Jungle

Authentic Sri Lankan ambiance makes you feel homely and cozy in the jungle. We are small; operate only 3 tents to ensure personalized service for each guest.

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Whether it is..,

  • Wanting to see a Leopard or other flora & fauna,
  • Spend a romantic time in the bush with riverside picnics, river dips, and candlelit dinner under the stars,
  • Have your family have an amazing time as simple as staying in a safari camp where your kids can toast marshmallows over the campfire and learn about nature with our rangers,
  • Getting a gaggle of teenagers more interested in the experience than their latest post on social media,

Camp Leopard got you covered!

What is Yala National Park?

Yala National park is the oldest and the second largest national park in the Country. It is a secondary growth of the forest where used to be an ancient kingdom over 2000 years ago.

Yala is home for an array of wildlife while the different blocks (sectors) of the park fall under multiple climate zones, changing landscape, vegetation and animal densities different between each block.

Yala is renowned for its highest density of leopards in the world making it the world’s best destination to see a leopard in the wild, even ousting Africa. 

Collaborative research carried out by frequent visitors of Yala has identified and profiled over 100 individual leopards in Block 1 it self over 5 years time.

As in climate zones While block 2 of Yala falls under the arid zone, block 1 falls under semi arid and block 3-4-5 extends into intermediate and dryzone. Therefore vegetation in Yala extends from shrub jungles of thorny bushes to dual layered riparian gallery forest with a tree canopy.

What animal to see in Yala National Park?

When it comes to exciting big animals, all of the terrestrial Ceylon big five, elephants, leopards, bears, wild water buffalos, and wild bores can be encountered in Yala national park.

Also a lesser known top-fact of Yala is that it is also the highest density of mugger crocodiles in the world.

For birding in Yala national park, is like birders paradise! The great yala complex is home to over 200 species of resident birds with over another hundreds of migrant and vagrant species in winter months. There are several bird species endemic to the park itself.

Yala National Park Map

Our Safari Camps Near and Inside the Yala National Park
Our Location advantage with Camp Leopard being based off of Kataragama, centered in the heart of the Greater Yala Complex not only gives us quick access to less crowded gates of Yala Block 1,3,4 & 5 but also to Bundala National Park and Tented Mobile Safari Inside Yala East - Kumana National Park.

The Greater Yala Complex

Alone, Yala National Park area extends over 96,000 ha (hectares) among 5 blocks or sectors.

But the Great Yala complex is a bigger nature reserve in the country combining; Yala (Ruhunu), Lunugamvehera (Yala West or Block 6), Kumana (Yala East) National Parks, along with Kataragama, Katagamuwa, Panama-Kudumbigala wildlife sanctuaries and a  a Tier 1 protected area called  Yala strict nature reserve.

We are Ranked No 1 on TripAdvisor
with a 5 Star Review Score in Yala

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