Kumana Mobile Camp

Camp & Tents

We furnish dedicated secluded campsites that offer serenity as well as allow our guests to dip into the heavenly rivers of the jungle as well as permit them to be on the lookout for that majestic encounter nestled amongst the trees and in the safety of our campsite.

The campsite includes the tented accommodation, dining area, mobile kitchen, open lounge with camping chairs, reading material, and shower and toilet facilities.

However, we strongly suggest a dip in the heavenly rivers of the jungle where the chances of distant wildlife encounter in the safety of our campsite are possible.

Your private Australian and South African camping tents with amenities and shower gives you the best experience to rest and relax in comfort.

Our tented chalets are set up prior to arrival and our setup includes exquisite self-contained camping tents sourced from Australia and South Africa. These tents are very comfortable and cooling with single or double beds, a bedside table, night lights, and camping chairs with access to reading material.

The tents are also insect-proof however, that does depend on your corporation to keep the nets closed. There are comfortable private eco-friendly water flushed Toilets and our bath areas are nestled amongst nature providing you with adequate space and privacy.


We have state-of-the-art resources to traverse all terrains and river crossings with the required equipment. We also provide other safari basics such as binoculars, field guides, maps, charts, GPS, and radio communication at your disposal. We also have a mobile library for the enthusiast to learn about their surroundings whilst at the very heart of the natural world.


Wild Life Safaris:

Sri Lanka boasts one of the world’s rarest undisturbed habitats for flora, fauna, and intricate ecosystems where the wildlife range from Leopards, Bears, and Elephants to Snakes, Monitor Dragons and Butterflies to other exotic species. For the safari runs, we equip the jeeps with binoculars, field guides for your reference, and an amazing picnic basket full of energizing and rehydrating snacks and drinks.


Food & beverage

Our Mobile Kitchens permit us to provide fresh authentic meals that are prepared with all-natural products from the area. All produce is fresh using the areas fruits, veggies, and meats and we are proud of our quality of meals and can certainly guarantee that your taste buds will be satisfied.

Whilst our range includes both Sri Lankan and Western menus, we cater for any meals that you require with prior notice. We also provide mineral water for your personal consumption and use fresh water for cooking purposes.

A snack table with soft drinks is always set up for your convenience and we are more than happy to provide you with some ‘bites’ (freshly cooked snacks) you may want with your drinks. Please note that although we do not serve alcohol and do not encourage extensive drinking, feel free to consume your drinks responsibly and in an enjoyable manner.

Bird Watching:

Kumana is also known as the birding paradise of Sri Lanka and here’s why!

  1. Kumana villu a swamp of 750 acres (a little over a square mile) is the nesting colony of over 3000 birds of 22 species, Perhaps the only nesting site of so many aquatic birds in such a small area. From April to September every year hundreds of Pelicans, Painted Storks, Spoon Bills, Open Bills, Ibis, the four species of Egrets, the four species of Herons, Cormorants, Darters, Whistling Teal, Jacanas, Black Winged Stilts, Moor Hens, and Purple Gallinules gather in this Villu to nest.
  2. The series of Lagoons on the eastern boundary of the National park attracts hundreds of migrant waders from November to April. 67 species have been recorded in these areas to date
  3. The terrain of the National Park with its many plains, Rocky outcrops, and riverine forest provide nesting site to the 162 species that form the resident species of the national park. It’s also the home range of Sri Lanka’s Largest and the rarest resident bird, The Blacked Necked Stork.

Trekking Adventures:

The adventure takes another twist with river crossings in Kumana during the season and many treks begin within a mere 30 minutes adventurous drive. The treks are generally towards caves and caverns where 3000-year-old prehistoric caves are visited and some ancient temples. There are many rocks to climb and ancient sites to visit. Treks can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as you wish it to be depending on your interest and fitness.

Our general treks can be done with minimum fitness and all it needs is a positive outlook to adventure most professional and extended treks are pre-planned and any trekking adventure such as this will need pre-planning and organization.

Kumana is littered with caves, caverns, paintings, scriptures, rock carvings that strayed along with the ancient civilizations alongside the Kumbukkan River. We take you to these historical sites of Sri Lanka where it remains untouched and protected by nature. Some ancient sites and statues are dated over 3000 years and the caves we visit have evidence of the primates of Sri Lanka who had fought their wars against cannibalism all those thousands of years ago where it has to be seen to be believed!